The Excitement Of A New Year

I paid off my credit card…for the second time this month 😬😤

Honestly, I wanted to start off debt free in many areas. 
Debt free from work: all of my work is complete so I am won’t be drowning in paperwork when I return after the holiday.
Debt free from CC: Pains me to have paid so much money toward my CC. BUT, I am starting the new year without debt on my shoulders.

Tonight I’m going to compile a long list of things I can do instead of spending money.
For example: I’m not really into cleaning. Being clean is good. I’m not terrible at it, but instead of going to the mall, I can clean my place…go through paperwork at home and clean out clothes I don’t ever wear. Stuff like that I can put off for months or even years!

No eating out except on vacation. I don’t eat out too often, but dinners add up! Instead, I’ve increased my grocery budget to include some good meals instead of trying to cut expenses here as has happened in the past. Here’s another area I can dedicate time toward – finding good recipes.

Also increasing my wealth of awareness. Why do I spend money on dumb shit?
When one stops doing something and replaces it, the thought patterns toward that also change. I’ve changed some things in the past and spend an entire 365 days doing so and in the previous process learned a whole lot about myself and what I truly need. I also learned that I can survive moments of struggle and that it’s not the end of the world when small setbacks occur.


Four More Days

2017 Checklist

My hope is that in checking in with this checklist, I can replace some of the more maladaptive behaviors.

1. Journal ✔️
– I don’t journal enough. I spend countless hours on social media instead. Presumably this doesn’t assist me in accessing my feelings and puts me into a sort of mindless zone. I have a couple of journals that have a pen has never touched, so there’s a plus! This helps me destress and see how I’ve grown and keeps me aligned with goals.

2. Thermometer ✔️
– This is what I use to build myself up in savings. 

3. Spreadsheet ✔️
– This is to remind myself of salary, fixed and variable expenses, and budget. This allows me to see what is left over from my monthly income so I can see how much to budget.

4. Timeline of travel
– A timeline of travel helps me further understand when I’ll be spending more and needing to up my savings game.

Number 5 fits into health, so let’s transition here…

5. Meal Plan
– In the past I’ve deprived myself of good food which led to such deprivation that I would eat out more than I was hoping to. I love steak, shrimp, bacon, tofu; basically I eat anything! Eating at home saves money! Eating good at home still saves money! Eat good! I used to try and do $50 a month on food. I added $100 to my food budget. Why? If I buy food I would enjoy eating out, I’ll save by cooking it at home. 

So there is my top five that I may add on to later. January is a NO SPEND MONTH, which will probably be the next post. 

2017 Goals 

2016 has been a year. Actually, the past couple of years have led up to this point – optimization of Health, Finance, and Travel.

Mistakes and small steps to change have helped me come to this point – optimization of Health, Finance, and Travel.

This year may not be perfect, but I have a good feeling about it!

This last week of 2016 isn’t to go all out. This last week is to set and write down goals. 

Overall Goals: 

Health = lose 30 pounds over the course of 365 days

Finance = save X over the course of 365 days

Travel = only spend money on extra items (clothing, eating out, etc) while traveling – over the course of 365 days. 

This blog will share how I get healthier and financially smarter. I’ve already started to make small changes toward these goals, but have not made them a priority. I believe when goals are a priority, they can get accomplished to our desire.