Four More Days

2017 Checklist

My hope is that in checking in with this checklist, I can replace some of the more maladaptive behaviors.

1. Journal ✔️
– I don’t journal enough. I spend countless hours on social media instead. Presumably this doesn’t assist me in accessing my feelings and puts me into a sort of mindless zone. I have a couple of journals that have a pen has never touched, so there’s a plus! This helps me destress and see how I’ve grown and keeps me aligned with goals.

2. Thermometer ✔️
– This is what I use to build myself up in savings. 

3. Spreadsheet ✔️
– This is to remind myself of salary, fixed and variable expenses, and budget. This allows me to see what is left over from my monthly income so I can see how much to budget.

4. Timeline of travel
– A timeline of travel helps me further understand when I’ll be spending more and needing to up my savings game.

Number 5 fits into health, so let’s transition here…

5. Meal Plan
– In the past I’ve deprived myself of good food which led to such deprivation that I would eat out more than I was hoping to. I love steak, shrimp, bacon, tofu; basically I eat anything! Eating at home saves money! Eating good at home still saves money! Eat good! I used to try and do $50 a month on food. I added $100 to my food budget. Why? If I buy food I would enjoy eating out, I’ll save by cooking it at home. 

So there is my top five that I may add on to later. January is a NO SPEND MONTH, which will probably be the next post. 


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