No-Spend Month and Budget Breakdown.

I just purchased a plane ticket and will now start in on not spending a single penny on non-mandatory items. I have to buy food, gas, and pay my monthly bills – THAT IS IT! No shopping for extras and no going to the grocery store without a list. 
Budget Breakdown…
Fixed and variable expenses.
Fixed = expenses that don’t change = rent, student loans, etc.
Variable = well, they vary from month to month.
I’ve written out all of my fixed expenses, variable expenses, and total salary. I now know how much money I should have left over. What I have failed to do in the past is put my grocery list in the FIXED expenses category. This would just fluctuate. Eating out/Entertainment would also not be in the FIXED category.
Let’s be real: I hate when someone tells me what to do! 😤 When I put limitations on things I go and do the opposite even if it is not good for me in the long run. This is what happens when I put too much of a restriction on things like food budget and Eating out/Entertainment. This is why I increased my food budget drastically. I don’t want to be in the mindset that I can’t have.
However, the no-spend month (which has been written by many bloggers before) is essential in starting off a budgeting year! So this month, I’m making no spending a priority.

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