Motivation: Part 2

I’m going about this year in phases. If you know business, you know that there are quarters in each year. Phases are like the quarters, except the phases I’m embracing are short. I like working with short goals because it doesn’t feel as intimidating and daunting. 
Phase One: January.
Phase one is practicing paying attention to what is NEEDED. Do I need to go to the grocery store every week? I have found that I don’t and so far my Costco haul has been sufficient. I have still been able to be social and explain why I’m not eating out. Thankfully people have been encouraging. In phase one I have also cut out alcohol. This has helped to not impulse buy. Not constantly spending money is actually pretty liberating. I did eat a meal out yesterday. I’m not kicking myself in the ass for it though. It was $17.25 and I was hungry and the food was good. No regrets. However, if I did that every week or every other day, as previously done, I would feel a bit defeated. I also bought new eye glasses. This is justified because I need glasses every day of my life to function in the world. This was good because it was like my “shopping”
Phase Two: February.
So far January has really helped me get comfortable with not spending money on items that aren’t necessary. February is a goal of increasing the health factor. As I previously blogged about, I wasn’t paying attention to “healthy” eating for my no-spend month. I just wanted to practice not eating out and no spending money. Starting in February, I’ll be going on morning runs. I mention this now to get into a groove of waking up earlier. I’ll do the wake up 10 minutes earlier each day. My goal is a 5am run for 30 minutes, 3 miles. Then arms or legs. I love p90x ab-ripper x as part of my workout too.
Phase Three: March
Travel. More on that later. I already have my trip booked!

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