About Goals

I’ve maintained the 10 pounds off I’ve lost since I’ve started to try and shed some pounds. I went on a 2 mile run and 2 mile walk today after about a 2 month hiatus from REALLY working out. 

My savings goals have been met and I just keep thinking about how much my credit card sucks. I just haven’t had the strength, boundary setting, or whatever to stop spending on it. I can pay it off every month, but I can’t help but think if I stopped spending on it I could just pay myself that every month. I am saving $25 a month on a new phone plan which is actually better and $30 on a health membership. I’m think about canceling some of my subscriptions in media, but that still doesn’t fix the problem of spending on my credit card. That’s not even money I have. It’s money I borrow and pay back.

How are goals achieved? We make them a priority and I haven’t. Paying attention to me is like gaining a new muscle. I guess I will search the Internet about motivation to NOT use my credit card. 


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