Small Goals of a Singleton

I used to be the type that would try to tackle everything at once and then got “bored” which was really a sign that I had no clue how to tackle all of those goals I had planned on tackling. Multitasking wasn’t necessarily the problem; more like not understanding how to achieve goals I’d never accomplished before. So, I became highly overwhelmed when I tried. 
My 2017 started with one big goal of not drinking alcohol for an entire year. I am doing well in that I don’t dwell on the goal and it’s now become quite natural to just say no when offered or skip the aisle at the store. With that set aside, I started focusing on three areas that I felt like improving over the course of the year: health, finance, and travel. God is already in the plan. 

Health: I hated who I had become. I grew up as an athlete and put that on the back burner around 2010. I had slowly let a lifestyle of partying become my priority and I got stuck there. Then I hit rock bottom and I saw the choices I made so clear. After that night, it was so easy to quit that lifestyle. I gave myself a month to work out any would be cravings for fun and then began my journey. It’s taken me almost three months to enjoy working out again and now I absolutely love it. Running and lifting weights has definitely replaced the party lifestyle. I’m so okay with that. I also have enjoyed paying attention to how my body feels when I fill it with healthy food.

Finance: I looked back at my life and wondered why I never got anywhere financially. The highs and the lows and the stupid financial mistakes. I’ll always remember a former co-worker who had parents who set her up for financial success. She followed those footsteps and made sound decisions too. She would always say, “I don’t have any money” and then one day she bought a house, got married, and had a couple of kids. NO MONEY MY ASS! She was smart and saved and saved and saved. The “no money” line was part of her budget. The truth came out about that later. People’s financial truths come out eventually. Even the ones who seem well off. So, I guess it’s best to budget for one’s own goals instead of keeping up appearances. 

Travel: Who doesn’t want to get away? Who doesn’t want to explore?   This can be packed in a budget. $100 per month at the end of the year is $1,200 for travel or whatever. Getting away for 3 days or more can really reset the mind, in my opinion. Being able to travel just to a neighboring town for the day or weekend and explore could be a jump start to resetting goals and values. I love to just take a drive sometimes so I can clear my thoughts and just to shake up a routine. 

Lastly, I speak as a single person. I have time and freedom to achieve the above goals of improvement. It’s taken some time to embrace the singlehood. I used to be caught up in trying to be un-single. All of my energy went there. Whether it be from the stress of people telling me to find someone, get on a dating site, etc. or societal norms of starting a family. I am just going to focus on my goals because it feels good to do that. It feels good to be happy with me for once. It feels good to not be held accountable for people’s expectations of me. Besides, they say “love finds you when you least expect it.” Whoever wrote that quote, I don’t know. But, I’d rather have someone find me when I’m happy and enjoying life!